Star provides free pop-up cask ale festival support

Star provides free pop-up cask ale festival support

A perfect British Summer should involve a cask ale festival in a great pub.  They bring communities together, drive footfall and play to the pub’s unique strength – a superb pint. 

With the Olympics and Euros there’s plenty to keep you busy this Summer, so Star Pubs & Bars are launching a free pop-up cask ale support package for 20 pubs to help them capitalise on cask ale’s growing popularity.  We plan on extending the programme in 2017 across even more pubs.

The support, worth £2k per pub, includes provision of rigging, taps, festival gazebos and tables, all of which are delivered and set up for licensees by a dedicated team, and dismantled and removed after the event. Bespoke point-of-sale and merchandising is also provided to help promote the events and create a buzz.  The only thing that licensees are required to do is simply organise the beer and the staff.

Star Pubs & Bars managing director, Lawson Mountstevens said: “Cask ale festivals are a great way to drive footfall and attract new customers and create an extra layer of excitement. They also work brilliantly alongside other events helping to build them into much bigger celebrations. As Star support is about helping licensees increase sales, we’ve created a ‘festival in a box’ to make it as easy as possible for licensees to put on their own festival.”

Next year we want to extend the support to more of you, so let your BDM know if you’re interested.