E-learning goes mobile and multilingual

E-learning goes mobile and multilingual

Some major changes are being made to the special pub staff e-learning packages that Star Pubs & Bars offers you via CPL Training, the biggest provider of personal license training in the UK. Currently, the platform includes over 40 modules such as:          

  • Financial Management
  • Customer Service
  • Social Media
  • Food Training

Mobiles and tablets have become so popular that these courses are being rolled out on an app, enabling staff to complete them wherever and whenever they want. The quality is great and staff should enjoy the added interest of new gaming-style features, interactive animations and voiceovers that will make the training both engaging and accessible.

With many more of you employing staff for whom English is a second language, translation support covering 90% of languages is now available. The courses cover the five essential areas of Food Safety, Age Verification, Fire Safety, Health & Safety, and Allergens or Drug Awareness. The translation support will be particularly invaluable for courses such as health & safety where staff may be unfamiliar with the technical terminology.

Star Pubs & Bars currently offers two CPL packages: a £100 compliance package covering five essential due diligence areas and a comprehensive £250 package of over 40 courses spanning compliance, soft skills and personal development. The £100 annual license provides an easy and affordable solution for licensees, particularly those with smaller businesses and fewer staff, giving them peace of mind in the knowledge that they can provide proof of compliance to the authorities should the need arise.

For more information or details, login to CPL training or contact your BDM.