Our Agreements

To help you and your pub succeed, we offer a choice of agreements, carefully tailored to different levels of experience and the type of business you may want to run. For our leased pubs, we usually insist applicants have a minimum of £10,000 cash to invest in their new pub business. This is the least amount of capital needed to cover the start-up costs of a typical pub. Please note, not all agreements are available on each pub.

Star Pubs and Bars: Our range of pub agreements

Our range of agreements:

Just Add Talent

Just Add Talent is a fantastic scheme to kick-start your very own pub at a fraction of the normal cost. If you’ve got the talent and can bring your own staff, we can put you in charge of one of our pubs - it’s as simple as that.

Key features:

  • Low start up costs.
  • No rent, utilities or rates.
  • Both you and us can terminate the agreement at any time.
  • The latest and best technology.
  • A proven successful model to follow.
  • Fantastic training for you and your staff.
Proven successful model

Business Start-Up Agreement

Whether you are new to the pub industry or an experienced operator, this is a low risk option, which is less onerous both in terms of start-up costs and length of term.

Key features:

  • Three year fixed term.
  • Both you and us can terminate the agreement with 28 days notice.
  • Low cost entry: flat £3,000 deposit.
  • No annual RPI rent increases.
  • Often available with our First Year Support Package.
  • Lower maintenance obligation.
Flat 3,000 deposit

Rolling Tenancy

Our standard agreement is great for those who don’t want to make the kind of investment required by most fully repairing and insuring leases, but do want flexibility over the length of their commitment.

Key features:

  • Five year rolling agreement.
  • Low cost entry available.
  • No annual RPI rent increases.
  • Rent review every five years.
  • Lower maintenance obligation.
Rent fixed for 5 years

Fully Repairing and Insuring Lease

Perfect for experienced operators who want time to build up the value of their business and accrue the return on their investment with the added benefit of being able to sell their lease on should they choose to.

Key features:

  • Long-term agreement up to 15 years.
  • Assignable after two years.
  • No annual RPI rent increases.
  • Rent Review every five years.
  • Licensee is responsible for repairs.
10 year agreement
Proven successful model
Flat 3,000 deposit
Rent fixed for 5 years
15 year agreement

It is an important part of Working with Star that all prospective licensee receive a copy of our template pub lease agreements as set out below. Download our template pub lease agreements.

How much does it cost to take on a leased pub?

Every pub lease is different, so requires individual support and investment. Please see a guide below:

Is any additional financial support available?

Where pubs are trading below their potential, we offer help while trade is building back up with our Business Start-Up Agreement. This package is designed to improve cash flow by helping you keep more money in the business and includes items such as:

Licensee Support Package
  •  Additional discounts on tied products.
  •  Stepped rent in year 1.
  •  Increased machine share.