Ten of the most haunted pubs in the UK

haunted pubs







1. The Jubilee, Halifax

The Jubilee - Halifax.jpg

The resident ghosts in this pub include a poltergeist on the top floor, a little girl behind the bar and a soldier from the late 18th century. A “crack team” of TV ghost hunters even had a go at catching one of them, but to no avail. Fancy your chances?

2. The Robert Burre, Clacton-on-Sea

The Robert burre.jpg

Not all ghosts are bad – licensees of The Robert Burre say they have a lot to owe to their resident ghost after what they are convinced was a little girl, pushed the licensee down the stairs, forcing him to go to the doctor. As a result, they found a tumour he was unaware of, which has since been treated. The licensee is convinced the ghost did it on purpose to help reveal his illness. What do you think?

3. The Golden Cross, Coventry


Known as the most haunted pub in Coventry there have been numerous accounts of ghostly sightings in the kitchen, which centuries ago functioned as a prison cell. The building actually only became a pub due to a misunderstanding when someone was asked to install new bars… 

4. The Dolphin, Littlehampton


The Dolphin featured on ‘Help! My House is Haunted’, a ghost-hunting TV programme. The publican described the moment a malevolent spirit, who she said was hanged for murdering his niece, convinced the show’s presenters that he was wasn’t such a bad guy after all… And he might've got away with it too if it wasn't for you meddlin' kids and your stupid dog! 

5. The Star, Pevensey

The Star Inn 1.jpg

Among the ghostly goings on at The Star, appliances have been found to behave of their own accord and shouts can sometimes be heard from the empty upstairs. Creepy. 

6. The Bingley Arms, Bardsey


Britain’s oldest pub – the Bingley Arms boasts a rich and spooky history, dating back 1000 years and it certainly has its fair share of unexplained ativity. Furniture moving around of its own accord, pans of water boiling over on stoves which weren't switched on and candles lighting themselves. How come ghosts are always so intent on doing household chores? 

7. The Choughs, Chard

The choughs chard.jpg

Inhabited by multiple phantoms, this mysterious 16th century building is riddled with secret passageways and hidden rooms. So grab your Proton Pack and join the Halloween pub tour. I ain’t afraid of no ghost!  

8. King and Tinker, Enfield

king tinker.jpg

This 500 year old pub is rife with unexplained activity.  Pots and pans jumping from shelves, replacing them only for it to happen again seconds later. Once, a full glass of cider was placed on the bar, making sure no one could touch it - it slid forwards and then when pushed back, smashed itself on the floor. Not big cider drinkers apparently, maybe ghosts are more into spirits…

9. The Beaumont Arms, Huddersfield

Beaumont Arms.jpg

With an extensive cellar incorperating an old jail that used to house prisoners before trials and shackle captured soldiers in the English Civil War, it’s no surprise that this pub is allegedly haunted. See for yourself at their annual Halloween ghost walk!


10. The Garnon Bushes, Epping

Garnon Bushes.jpg

Doors closing, appliances turning themselves on, toilet rolls spinning around uncontrollably, a little girl sitting by the fire – just to name a few of the spooky events claimed to have been witnessed in this haunted pub.